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The Speaker Package includes:

  • Pre-session questionnaire
  • Client assessment
  • 30-90 minute talk on the Simpler System: Turning Managers into Leaders
  • Evaluation forms
  • Follow-up with client and attendees

Each attendee will be challenged to use their imagination to kick-start their plan, and each session will wrap up with the continuing challenge to use their imagination to bring the plan they just visualized to fruition

Also, see The Training Package details

Audiences must walk away from every keynote with a keeper! Something that can have an immediate impact on a their lives.

My keynotes are interactive sessions that allow audiences to relax while
tuning-in. My goal is to get audiences to return to kindergarten when 97%
of them operated in a creative mode.

In a keynote or a facilitated workshop, audiences interact with the topic
and with each other.

Move an audience into the creative mode and a message is received
with significant impact.

Move your audience into the creative mode and watch that
audience generate creativity in others.

Keynote Topic:

For Meeting Planners

Here are some items of particular
interest for Meeting Planners:

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